Monday, 2 December 2013

Fashion Monday #3

Hello again!

this week we had a lot of meetings so there were a few dresses around. Here are the best!
Here is Kay in a lovely green dress and really fab boots. I like how green and brown go so well together. 

This is moi, in a two-colour outfit. It does help if you stick to two colours as it keeps the outfit looking smart without too much effort. The challenge is of course getting the colours right. But if one sticks to a few colours in their wardrobe they can get some pretty good results.
The easier way of doing "the two colour outfit" is using same colour tights. These are mine in navy blue.
Kora is doing the two-colour outfit here with a jumper and tights in exactly the same colour!

Kora in a "two-colour outfit"
Zoe is really proud of this lovely necklace.  
Zoe is wearing a fab dress here in teal!
Like i said before a treasure is a treasure whether it costs £1000 or £10. It all depends how durable, wearable and likable an item is! 

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