Monday, 9 December 2013

Fashion Monday #4

Hi there,
It feels like a lifetime since last Monday and loads of things have happened. My lovely friend Kora has announced that she is leaving us but she promised to mail me more of her photos from now on. So this is not the end of Kora at least not in this space!
Today at work we had a Yule log bake off so there was a lot of brown puddings about. So inspired by the festive pudding and in preparation of tonight's post I have collected photos in brown! These were some of the most interesting combinations.

Moi, in a tan leather skirt, a black top and a vest my grandma made when i was a kid!
Nice things keep forever! I love this little vest! I do have it since primary school so it is at least 25 years old but still going stronger!
Kora in her new charity shop treasure! 
I have posted this before but Zoe is lovely in another all brown combo tied together with black!
A more military black brown combo!

And lovely Elaine with a fab brown shimmery skirt.
It doesn't really matter how you tone a brown combination. All different shades of brown seems to go well as long as there is one neutral colour to bind them together. I don't know what it is with brown that makes it so interesting. It is the colour of chocolate i think!

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