Monday, 27 January 2014

Fashion Monday #7

Today's post is quite rushed as we just came back from holidays and i am exhausted. I was thinking of what i love the most and so i decided to talk about stripes! Stripes make any colour combination interesting and any outfit look classic. All you have to do is match or contrast the rest of the outfit with one of the colours of the stripes!
Stripes make the world more interesting

Even a grey dress is interesting with stripes

Nautical look is always a classic

Stripes for him

and him

And my mum

and multicolor stripes is just the best way to be happy! 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Fashion Monday #6

Happy new year to you all! I am back after a long and painful at times Christmas fighting with disease, families and stress! I am back to a wonderful sale that resulted in few brilliant finds and some of my friends' gems accessories!

My new clog boots only £20 from TKMaxx

I came back to a very ill yet very stylish Kora!
Everybody at work was wearing amazing accessories so today's post is dedicated on these really!
Geraldine's amazing scarf modeled by Kora

Geraldine's golden watch, Christmas present from her lovely boys modeled by Geraldine herself!!  

Kora's genius charity shop finds: both the scarf and the bracelet were about £2 together! 

and lovely Laura's scarf!

Sometimes you don't need a statement dress just an amazing accessory and the sales is the best time to invest in these! What was your sales treasure?