Monday, 3 February 2014

Fashion Monday #8

I have always been saying about the challenge looking cool without too much and it is all in the combinations. Here are a few past attempts. Before you go out think of a theme or an era! Fair enough you can't do this at 7 in the morning before you go to work but you can do before you go to a wedding! A new outfit helps but sometimes it is better to reinvent something!
From my anniversary in 2010 i think. Warehouse dress from the 40s 

Trying different outfits before a wedding in France. I loved my shoes (my Gucci wedding shoes) and couldn't afford the trip and a new outfit so i wore this dress that i had before. 

That is for another wedding, my brother's. Getting the dress right is one thing the rest is in the accessories. Warehouse dress and loads of blink. 

Those that know me know i am mad about yellow. This is a fave colour combination. Yellow and red! 
Try combing different colours. Stick to opposites or complimentary. It always works.