Monday, 25 November 2013

Fashion Monday #2

Hi there,

this is week 2 and i am happy to say that my friends at work have given my blog a warm welcome! So this week we have more people than before wanting to share their treasures with me. The idea of this blog is not to show "cheap" clothes but treasures purchased, found or made that don't break the bank! 

So week 2 here it goes! 
This is Kora's lovely necklace found in her fave charity shop.  
 Pieces like this make an outfit interesting! Make sure you don't get colours clashing too much! Kora has done a brilliant job there with  her black cardi and blue top. 
Zoe- chocolate delight!
 Zoe has nicely combined all different shades of brown keeping it all coordinated with the black skirt and tights!
Kora's "Christmas" Pants from River Island!

Me with my black dress and new cardi courtesy of TK Maxx 
 The dress i am wearing here is the same dress i was wearing when i was 9 months pregnant and ready to pop. Stretchy dresses are a brilliant investment. So if you are pregnant go for stretchy fabrics that you can wear after you give birth! The cardi is my recent treasure! There was a very similar one i found last year at Free People but i just couldn't afford it! This year TK Maxx brought it for half the price!

Here's the posh version!

Kora making a black outfit interesting with plum lace tights

Aimee's Vivienne-Westwood-esque George skirt! What a gem! 

This is it for this week! See you again soon! 

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