Monday, 18 November 2013

Fashion Monday #1

A few weeks ago whilst discussing with friends we decided to start posts for fashion choices for people that don't earn much! A cause, as noble as Zoolander's school for kids that don't read good! :-)
My rationale is that it is easy to have fab fashion sense if you are loaded, the challenge is in being presentable when skint.
So from now there will be a post every Monday dedicated on fashion. Here it goes.
 Here is lovely Kora with a lovely orange top! It is a brilliant find from a charity shop she loves. The colour of the top is a perfect match to her hair! A beautiful autumnal look!
Here is poor me not knowing when the click would happen! Right, i am wearing a new aubergine dress from H&M. I find these dresses really comfy and versatile because they just take your shape as you get bigger or smaller. I needed a dress that will "shrink" with me as i keep on loosing baby weight. I am wearing my favourite black cardi i bought last year in Greece and a silk scarf mum gave me a million years ago. It was hers but she gave it to me anyway as i loved that colour!

So here it goes! Tell us what you think!! What do you wear at work? Did you find it hard after having babies to fit into your old wardrobe? 


  1. I love your new blog at Poppy World! I would like a closer look at your H&M dress and can you give me some tips on what shoes and tights to wear with dresses? I'm always in trousers! Keep it up, I love it!

    1. Thank you anonymous!! I will post more photos of this dress in future blogs as no doubt i will wear it to death! Shorter dresses always go well with knee high boots. Try not to use too many colours all i once i guess is the only advice i would give unless you are colour blocking!