Sunday, 15 April 2012

Redecorating our bedroom (Part 1)

I have recently started my maternity leave and being in the house all the time I have been thinking about redecorating it so I started looking around for inspiration. I found two amazing books by Sibella Court* that make a good read!
Nomad by Sibella Court
Nomad by Sibella Court
etcetera etc by Sibella Court
Etc. by Sibella Court

They are full of amazing ideas. Nomad focuses on the principle of carrying your trips imaginary or not with you in the space that you live. Anyone who has been to my house knows it is all about travelling, found items, gifts and things acquired in markets around the world.

Our bedroom

The main project was the baby room. We have a two bedroom house and we needed to create some space for our baby. The spare bedroom has ended up being an extension of our bedroom so after emptying it to create the nursery, we realised we needed more space in our bedroom. So the project wardrobe began!


We researched for a long while a nice way of building a wardrobe. The plan was to extend the current wardrobe and extend it along the main wall facing the bed. The problem we had was that we did not actually like wardrobes! Then I came across the images below and then idea of using the wardrobe as a canvas was born.

Cherry tree stencil

Nomad by Sibella Court
From Nomad by Sibella Court

I am not sure vinyl stickers can work on the wardrobe so i decided to stencil it! My main ambition now is to create a stencil of a cherry tree. Watch this space for more updates! 

*You can read some more of S. Court ideas on her site

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